About us

Interconnect Computer Cabling Services, Inc., founded in 1986, is a pioneer in the computer and telecommunications industry. Development of our cabling system has revolutionized the cabling industry. It is designed to intelligently create the “SMART BUILDING” of tomorrow into the new and existing buildings of today, by doing this Interconnect can reduce re-cabling costs by up to 50% and vacancy down time by up to 60%. Moves, adds and changes for building owners, property managers, and tenants has risen dramatically with today’s changing economy. Using Interconnect equates to savings in costs and time in the future. Interconnect is also one of the leading pioneers in Network based Surveillance, Access Control, and AV Systems. By integrating Security  Surveillance and Access Control  into the “SMART BUILDING” system, Interconnect gives clients the ability to move out of the Security Room, out of the office, out of the Building itself, and be completely Mobile with all Surveillance Monitoring and Access Control needs. This allows for more efficient and Cost Effective management of property, facilities, tenants, and employees in addition to standard security benefits.  Whatever your needs are, Interconnect can assist you in any and all phases of design, design-build, and installation of your particular cabling solution.